Get Ready for the Back-to-School Season

School. It’s coming around the corner, and I am ready to conquerrrrr!


It’s dreadful to think that school is approaching, but think on the bright side, you can see all your friends again, participate in clubs and sports and whatever else you enjoy 🙂

Here are some ways to make your preparation for school a little easier

 1. Know where your classes areFlamingos roaming

Isn’t it just awful roaming around campus trying to find your class before the actual class?! Save the hassle and stress and know the location 🙂 It makes life a little better!


Kick it back to the good old Back-to-School shopping days and get the shopaholic inside of you OUT! I love B2S shopping.

Using a lap top?Get in loser, were going shopping

Make sure you have pens, pencils and paper on hand for courses that require you to draw/sketch and for exams with scantron.

No lap top?

Binders, notebooks and supplies are always helpful!

3. Know your transportation

If you aren’t living on campus, know what type of transportation you will be taking. Going into university, I have never used transit to go to school because I lived so close to my high school and elementary school.

If you are  first year and this is your first time using this route, such as myself last year, I suggest taking that bus/train/car ride to campus so you know how it works.

I take the train and I didn’t know where it would stop and how I would get to campus. Turns out, there is a complimentary shuttle that takes me to campus, since the station is down the street.

4. Have an empty memory stick on hand

 It’s always nice to have one on you 🙂

5. Be a Goal Setter

Before you start the school year, make some goals for yourself on what you want to achieve during the year. Have this list in a visible spot so you will always be reminded on what you want to accomplish 🙂

What to do the night before 

 1. Set your alarmalarm cry

I know, it’s dreadful. Waking up early for school (if you have morning classes) when all summer long you have been sleeping in and relaxing.

And if you don’t have early classes and you can sleep in as much as you want, well… lucky you! You have been blessed with a wonderful schedule and beautiful sleep. I envy your life.


I cant be late

I wish all the best for your first week of school and if you are a first year, don’t worry! University is a great and special time where you experience new things, learn more relevant information and is a time where you find yourself (I sound so philosophical hehe). Anyways, you’re going to have a great time so cherish every moment! And if you are attending O-Week, HAVEEEE FUN!


See you all next week!





Look Mom, I’m Learning!

Party hardHey everyone!

Hope your weekend was great and way better than mine! Feeling a little bit sick but my exam for my summer course is finally over!


In today’s segment, our team will be discussing what we learned in our position. I increased my ability to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, learned how to use and some tricks on WordPress (which was my goal stated in my first post) and I learned more about York University.

Adobe Photoshop

1. The Magic Eraser tool

It’s literally like mScreen Shot 2014-08-13 at 11.52.05 AMagic…I remember I used to make the mistake of using the basic eraser tool and precisely erasing around objects for a long time. With this tool, at a click of a button you can eraser the background like this one below. Select the tool, hover over any part of the area you want gone, click and BAM, background gone! I got rid of the white background, showing this checked pattern which is a transparent background.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 11.53.48 AM

When you save the picture, there will be no white background to it! Just the circular figure.

Tip: If you want a transparent background, make sure you save the picture as a PNG 

Adobe Illustrator  

 This summer was my first time using Illustrator. I have been watching a lot of tutorials, trying to figure out some tricks and just basic ways on how to use Illustrator. I found this really good website that had very helpful and easy tutorials.

Want to learn more about Illustrator? Check the site HERE.


This blog was the first time I used WordPress and I am absolutely loving it! It’s easy, and super fun to write information about. I actually started another one for a more personal reason with a close friend.

1. The beautiful Toolbar ToggleScreen Shot 2014-08-13 at 10.17.26 PM

This tool exposed me to many other options to use for blogging such as change of font size&colour, indenting and underlining!


1. YFS Coverage

The YFS provides coverage to their students that includes services such as dental care, eye care, massages, and orthotic care.

For information on all the benefits available, check the YFS site HERE.

2. Career Centre

I learned about the services available at the Career Centre, a very important department that you should check out. They do such tthings as assist you in finding a job, help you update your resume and will even assist you after 2 years of graduation!

You definitely want to check this page out HERE!

 3. Cheap options for Food

I think this should have its own blog post by itself. University is expensive and we need to do our best to save those extra dollas.

a) Blumont Bistro – $5 lunch special (any wrap of your choice)

My Body is Readyb) Treats – $3.50-5 breakfast special (breakfast bagel sandwich with or without coffee)

c) Orange Snail – big portions for an amazing price! and the couple who owns & runs the place are the cutest

d) Wendy’s – I always turn to the $2 crispy chicken snack wrap

Well that is all for now ladies and gents! In honour of the passing of Robin Williams, an inspirational actor who played a large role in my childhood, I salute you all with this gif.

Robin Williams

Steps to becoming a YorkU Study Ninja


chandler and joey riding in on a horse

I know what’s going through your head now……


Anyways, this week our team will be discussing how to manage your time and how to deal with stress. Honestly, I find that one of the major ways to succeed in university is to prioritize your time and manage your stress level. You aren’t as productive if you put way too much pressure on yourself.

So young grasshopper, allow me to bless you with my knowledge. Follow these steps to have a more exciting, stress-free and productive university experience!


During my first year, I tested out different methods on studying and honestly, cramming all the information was not the best way to go 😦 the struggle was so real. You can’t obtain the information properly and you really don’t understand the information as well if you don’t take your time. This method I did for my last exam was perfect (so unfortunate I figured that out for my last exam ugh).

1. Make a study group

Everyone usually has a unit or concept that they understand more. Interacting with a group can give you the opportunity to be taught a chapter you might not know as well. I don’t know about you but I memorize concepts better when someone explains it to me and then they quiz me, making me explain the concept back to them. IT’S LIKE MAGIC WHATTT!?

This is insanely brilliant

2. Take breaks

To make your studying more efficient, always remember to take a break! It is suggested to take a 10 minute break every hour. Go for a quick walk, play a game on your phone, or get some food! HMMM FOOOD. Just anything other than  your notes and textbook! tumblr_inline_n711fc2lZ41rnvwt1


Don’t restrain yourself from the beautiful heavenly sleep. Your bed needs you. Never, ever, ever do an all nighter! It does absolutely no good to you and just drains you out. Minimum, at very least get 6 hours of sleep to retain that information but aim for 8-10 hours of sleep! So let your inner sleeping beauty come out and enjoy 🙂


yes, I know what you are thinking, silly Vanessa, that’s Ariel -_- there was no cool Sleeping Beauty gifs. I’m sorry to disappoint

4. Make a cheat sheet

Personally, I love making cheat sheets. It’s literally a sheet of everything important in the lecture. So when it comes to studying for the exam, I have about 4 sheets of paper that covers all the important information in every lecture. Literally the course at the palm of my hands.



(I honestly don’t know what they are saying…)

5. Make a schedule

Just a better way to stay organized! You stay organized = less stress on you! Keep track of what chapters you are going to cover each day and remember to make notes. YAY


And since we are on the topic of schedules…

6. Always leave some time for YOU and OTHERS

Don’t forget about the important people around you and for that one special someone! Obviously yourself 😉 … Always leave space in your schedule for leisure time. Go to the movies, hang out with friends, play a sport, read a book, whatever you enjoy to do in your spare time, do it like Nike and JUST DO IT! A healthier mind is one that is relaxed and not always concentrated on work 🙂 Just enjoy your life!


Now run along and conquer the world! Tell me how it goes if you followed these tips! …Because, ya know…


 Thanks for reading and looking forward to sharing more next week!