Get Ready for the Back-to-School Season

School. It’s coming around the corner, and I am ready to conquerrrrr!


It’s dreadful to think that school is approaching, but think on the bright side, you can see all your friends again, participate in clubs and sports and whatever else you enjoy 🙂

Here are some ways to make your preparation for school a little easier

 1. Know where your classes areFlamingos roaming

Isn’t it just awful roaming around campus trying to find your class before the actual class?! Save the hassle and stress and know the location 🙂 It makes life a little better!


Kick it back to the good old Back-to-School shopping days and get the shopaholic inside of you OUT! I love B2S shopping.

Using a lap top?Get in loser, were going shopping

Make sure you have pens, pencils and paper on hand for courses that require you to draw/sketch and for exams with scantron.

No lap top?

Binders, notebooks and supplies are always helpful!

3. Know your transportation

If you aren’t living on campus, know what type of transportation you will be taking. Going into university, I have never used transit to go to school because I lived so close to my high school and elementary school.

If you are  first year and this is your first time using this route, such as myself last year, I suggest taking that bus/train/car ride to campus so you know how it works.

I take the train and I didn’t know where it would stop and how I would get to campus. Turns out, there is a complimentary shuttle that takes me to campus, since the station is down the street.

4. Have an empty memory stick on hand

 It’s always nice to have one on you 🙂

5. Be a Goal Setter

Before you start the school year, make some goals for yourself on what you want to achieve during the year. Have this list in a visible spot so you will always be reminded on what you want to accomplish 🙂

What to do the night before 

 1. Set your alarmalarm cry

I know, it’s dreadful. Waking up early for school (if you have morning classes) when all summer long you have been sleeping in and relaxing.

And if you don’t have early classes and you can sleep in as much as you want, well… lucky you! You have been blessed with a wonderful schedule and beautiful sleep. I envy your life.


I cant be late

I wish all the best for your first week of school and if you are a first year, don’t worry! University is a great and special time where you experience new things, learn more relevant information and is a time where you find yourself (I sound so philosophical hehe). Anyways, you’re going to have a great time so cherish every moment! And if you are attending O-Week, HAVEEEE FUN!


See you all next week!





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