Steps to becoming a YorkU Study Ninja


chandler and joey riding in on a horse

I know what’s going through your head now……


Anyways, this week our team will be discussing how to manage your time and how to deal with stress. Honestly, I find that one of the major ways to succeed in university is to prioritize your time and manage your stress level. You aren’t as productive if you put way too much pressure on yourself.

So young grasshopper, allow me to bless you with my knowledge. Follow these steps to have a more exciting, stress-free and productive university experience!


During my first year, I tested out different methods on studying and honestly, cramming all the information was not the best way to go 😦 the struggle was so real. You can’t obtain the information properly and you really don’t understand the information as well if you don’t take your time. This method I did for my last exam was perfect (so unfortunate I figured that out for my last exam ugh).

1. Make a study group

Everyone usually has a unit or concept that they understand more. Interacting with a group can give you the opportunity to be taught a chapter you might not know as well. I don’t know about you but I memorize concepts better when someone explains it to me and then they quiz me, making me explain the concept back to them. IT’S LIKE MAGIC WHATTT!?

This is insanely brilliant

2. Take breaks

To make your studying more efficient, always remember to take a break! It is suggested to take a 10 minute break every hour. Go for a quick walk, play a game on your phone, or get some food! HMMM FOOOD. Just anything other than  your notes and textbook! tumblr_inline_n711fc2lZ41rnvwt1


Don’t restrain yourself from the beautiful heavenly sleep. Your bed needs you. Never, ever, ever do an all nighter! It does absolutely no good to you and just drains you out. Minimum, at very least get 6 hours of sleep to retain that information but aim for 8-10 hours of sleep! So let your inner sleeping beauty come out and enjoy 🙂


yes, I know what you are thinking, silly Vanessa, that’s Ariel -_- there was no cool Sleeping Beauty gifs. I’m sorry to disappoint

4. Make a cheat sheet

Personally, I love making cheat sheets. It’s literally a sheet of everything important in the lecture. So when it comes to studying for the exam, I have about 4 sheets of paper that covers all the important information in every lecture. Literally the course at the palm of my hands.



(I honestly don’t know what they are saying…)

5. Make a schedule

Just a better way to stay organized! You stay organized = less stress on you! Keep track of what chapters you are going to cover each day and remember to make notes. YAY


And since we are on the topic of schedules…

6. Always leave some time for YOU and OTHERS

Don’t forget about the important people around you and for that one special someone! Obviously yourself 😉 … Always leave space in your schedule for leisure time. Go to the movies, hang out with friends, play a sport, read a book, whatever you enjoy to do in your spare time, do it like Nike and JUST DO IT! A healthier mind is one that is relaxed and not always concentrated on work 🙂 Just enjoy your life!


Now run along and conquer the world! Tell me how it goes if you followed these tips! …Because, ya know…


 Thanks for reading and looking forward to sharing more next week!


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