Happy Canada Deh! (see what I did there hehe)

Happy Canada Day y’all! (yes I may be a tad late).Did you also know it was New College’s 5th birthday too!



If you don’t know what New College is, well… we can’t be friends 🙂 It is the college I belong to at York! New College consists of the business students, Pond residence and is the college with the most international students!

Anyways, I spent Canada Day at home, hanging with some of my friends, cleaning (because I absolutely love doing that!) and then watched some fireworks at a park near my house!

I absolutely love this country! During my first year at York, I met a lot of international students and we shared the experience  we had in our home country (mine being Canada). Comparing our experiences really showed me and helped me appreciate my country. Canada is a very liberal country and offers many rights and freedoms to their citizens which I have unappreciated before. I have been expose to so much this year that I learned what it really means to be a Canadian!

Check out these fireworks that were displayed near my house! BAM

(all photos taken by moi on my Canon Rebel t4i! If you don’t like them, well….I didn’t take them)

IMG_8490 IMG_8516 IMG_8564 IMG_8576 IMG_8629 IMG_8642 IMG_8658 IMG_8685 IMG_8686 IMG_8691 IMG_8746 IMG_8907 IMG_8744 IMG_8761 IMG_8817 IMG_8855

Hope you all had a great Canada Day!

See you next week 🙂


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