Meet Team Awesome a.k.a. Leadership Crew

Welcome back! I have been waiting… Welcome

…I’m kidding.

aint nobody got time for that


This is my first job at York and I am super excited working at SCLD! It’s absolutely fantastic! My media & communication team is awesome and the people at SCLD are so welcoming and full of energy!

On Wednesdays, we wear plaid.

As a Media & Communications Ambassador, we are a liaison with each department in SCLD. I have been privileged with the opportunity to work with the LEADERSHIP DEPARTMENT and Saba, my partner in crime!


As their liaison, if they have any projects regarding media and promotion (posters, videos, banners, etc.) that need to be completed, I am the one they contact and off I go creating the most extravagant advertisement you can imagine!!

This is insanely brilliant

Check out my team!

Saba Rafiq – Student Leadership and Development Coordinator

Katherine Fowley – Student Leadership Assistant

Marina Janakovic – Student Leadership Assistant

I am thrilled and looking forward to be working on Lion’s Pride and LeaderShape with these cool cats! The Leadership department at SCLD will take over York..and then…THE WORLD! MUAHAHA



ANYWAYSSS…Tata for now!

Blows kiss


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